In addition to clay, I also work with wax, wood, salt, plaster and metal. My handling of each references many material identities. Porcelain may appear at once to be bread, bone, rawhide and stone, as well as both hard and soft. Human-made forms are depicted in a structural and systematic way; the deconstruction of their form and function references impermanence and the organic.

In nature, veins of salt compact and create rigid structural caverns. The granules for the piece “Vault” are compressed and forced into an architectural format that is both massive and fragile. Once set, the series of stacked blocks absorb sound as one moves closer to them. Over time the pieces break down crumbling back into nonspecific form.

Vault, Installation: Ceramic Art Gallery, 2001, Salt (formed by ramming into molds)
Two cabinets each made of nine stacked salt blocks. Salt is translucent where it is less than one inch thick, 80" x 44" x 12" (each cabinet)