In 2010, 2011 and 2012, Norwood Viviano and I created these pieces as Arts-Industry Residents in the Kohler Plant, where we made our work alongside factory associates, utilizing technologies and processes used on the production line. At Kohler, we combined our skills and interest in early American industry and the towns that grew up around it to collaboratively explore our subject from the inside out.

In response to Kohler’s unique history as a factory-founded garden community designed by the Olmsted Brothers in the early 1900s, we juxtaposed industrial technologies with play technologies such as staging and the miniature. Our pieces include renditions of the village, factory and neighboring landfill sitting atop Kohler products.

Kohler Pile, 2011
Cast vitreous ceramics, glass 16” x 48” x 60”, Photo by Cathy Carver