The installation, Housing Petronella, includes sculptures based on five 17th – 18th century Dutch Cabinet Houses. Similar to the more widespread curiosity cabinets of the same period, these cabinets housed collections. However, the cabinet house presents the domestic space in miniature, rather than rarities and curiosities related to the unfamiliar.

My fascination with the Cabinet House resides in its complexity of form and meaning. It is a study of the domestic environment that is housed, displayed and revealed within the environment it represents. It voices questions of gender, class, control, morality, mystery and beauty.

View the cabinet houses of:
Sara Ploos Van Amstel
Petronella Oortman
Petronella de la Court

Housing Petronella, 2009, black clay, fired in stackable sections
Installation Artspace, five Half-scale skeletal renditions based on Dutch Cabinet Houses from the 17th and 18th centuries. Photo Sarah Lindley